Sanatana Dharma is unique because it is “Apaurusheya” (not of human origin). Vedas form the bedrock of our dharma and are the breath of the Lord Himself. Thus, Vedas are not mere books to be read, but a living tradition that can be learned and practised only by approaching a Guru – dispeller of darkness – well versed in Vedas and Shastras.

In the current globalization context, very few people are in a position to learn Vedas in “Gurukula System”. Further with the kind of dynamics in the lives of global population, the importance of Vedic recitation has phenomenally increased. The awareness of Personal Transformation through vedic vibrations has created a strong desire among global working / business class to make attempts of search for opportunities towards learning Veda Mantras.

Our eternal Sanatana Dharma is based on the foundation of Vedas. Preservation of Sanatana Dharma and allied nervous system is the responsibility of every follower, which is also one of the key objectives of Sri Shankara Veda Pathashale Trust [Regd.].

Ved. Br. Sri. Harish Narasimhamurthy initiated in July 2014 with a title Sri Shankara Veda Pathashale Trust [Regd.] with the benign blessings of Sringeri Acharyas & his guruji Ved. Br. Sri. Prakash Bhat, Dhandi, Shirisi, Karnataka, India.

Respected Guruji Ved. Br. Sri. Prakash Bhat

Why do you require Vedapatha ?

  • It enhances your memory & efficiency.
  • Will have peace of mind to face everyday official & personal challenges.
  • Yourself get positive vibrations while chanting VEDAMANTRA with right ” SWARAS “.
  • Recitation of Veda Mantras with right Swaras will provide the enhancement on following faculties:
  • 1. Developement of incremental memory.
  • 2. Effectiveness and efficiencies could help one to meet challenges at very level .
  • 3. Simplicity and clarity of thought to lead a quality life.