Donations & Sponsorships

Modernization of Digital Channels Opportunity to teach Veda Mantra Globally
Establishment of RUN Office for Daily Opereations at SSVP HQ Better Control on Daily Operations and Student Relationships.
Ensure best governance practices are well deployed at operational level
Efficient Project Management with utmost transparency
Scale up current boarding facility from 8 Students to 50 Students Aligned to the Key Motto of SSVP to promote Vedabhyasa for Social Transformation.Current facility can accommodate only 8 Students and new students may have to be rejected
Supporting Gow Pooja at every Temple with the donations as needed Gow protection and Pooja are scripted in Vedas as Vedic Dharma. Nitya Poojas including Abhishekams, if done with best of Gows available will result good for overall society.We will prioritize the temples with more than 200 Yrs with Nitya poojas.
Corpus Fund for conducting Yagna for Social Cause Our Vedas have instructed to conduct Yagnas to please DevaGanas, thus timely season cycle is well maintained for the well being of people.Yagnas are the very reason for Vedic Dharma which is exactly aligned to SSVP’s Motto Charter
Rejuvenation of Temples which have above 100 yrs history and require Preservation Temples are the nervous systems of Hindu Spiritual Progress.
The Temple which is older by a few hundereds of year old still Nitya Pooja’s are conducted are extremely powerful and can drive Social Transformation in line with the key motto of SSVPFurther we will reinforce the power of Yantras and facilitate any Vastu Adjustments with the support of Sringeri Sarada Peetham
SSVP will join the Temple Trust as Trustee and ensure Transprancy and impliment the best practicesWe have identified ONE Temple. Budgets to be estimated. Based on the Budget avaialbility, we will prioritize and take up further projects in this category
Construction of Kalyana Mantapam with best of amenities SSVP wants to become part of Key Celebrations where Veda Mantras are to be recited at it’s best. Thus Vedic Dharma restoration is possible, which is aligned to the SSVP’s Motto Charter.SSVP will ensure it’s students are benefitted through this facility.

Land Acquisition is in progress

Trust Registration No. BSG-4-400138-2018-19 dated 28.06.2018
Donations Made to the Trust are exempted from Income Tax under Section Act 80-G.