Sri Shankara Veda Pathashale Trust [Regd.] believes that Social Transformation through Veda Mantras is possible via Personal Transformation, which can be achieved through the recitation of Veda Mantras. The pathshala is committed to helping students worldwide with a proven methodology (Gurumukhi and VLMS software online teaching) that worked for more than 2019+ students.

The Trust has also made significant investments in the Vedamantra Learning Management System (VLMS) that will be used for the learning journey of each student effectively right from planning to completion.


Ve. Br. Sri. Vidyashankar Guruji

Ve. Br. Sri. Harish

Ve. Br. Sri. Somanath Joshi

Our Methodology for Vedamantra Learning :

Stage 1 : Gurumuki

After a quick assessment on Students priorities right course will be decided post enrolment. Schedule for each of item in syllabus designed will be agreed between Student and Veda Adhyapaka.

Course material in the desired languages [Sanskrit, Kannada, English, Telugu & Tamil] and access to Vedamantra Learning Management System will be shared with the student upon enrolment.

The exact intonation and the Swara / Pitch are very important while learning Vedas and any deviation will change the meaning of the text. SSVP will emphasize on the importance on this aspect and support every student in learning Swaras by Gurumukhi methods.

Stage 2 : Swadhaya History

Upon the Assessment on Swaras done by Vedic Adhyapaka assigned to Student, Student now can do Swadhyaya on his Own using VLMS, until the Veda Mantras are learned by heart without seeing the book.

Stage 3: Observation of Expert Chanting

At this stage, it is recommended to observe how Expert Chanting. VLMS could provide suitable guidance which reinforce the learning.

Stage 4: Group Chanting

At this stage participation in Veda Ghosa is highly recommended so that Veda Mantra vibrations are better observed and Vedas will become part of Students’ life.

Personal Transformation to Begin

Junior – Balapatha 6 Months Sri Shankara Veda Patashale, Karnataka
Intermediate – Vedamantra Vaibrant 12 Months Karnataka Samskrita University
Senior – Master in Vedamantra 18 Months Karnataka Samskrita University


  • Ganapati Atharva Sheershopanishad
  • Sandyavandana Mantras
  • Sri Rudra Prashna
  • Aruna Prashnam
  • Laghunyasa
  • Purusha Suktam
  • Mantrapushpam
  • Aayush Suktam
  • Taitereya Upanishad
  • Pavamana Suktam
  • Mahanarayana Upanishad
  • Panchamruta Snanam
  • Punyahavachanam
  • Nakshtra Suktam
  • Neela Suktam
  • Ratri Suktam
  • Ganapati Suktam
  • Nitya Devataarchana Mantras
  • Sri Chamakam Prashnam
  • Udaka Shanti Mantras
  • Mahanyasa
  • Navagraha Suktam
  • Nakshatra Suktam
  • Narayana Suktam
  • Vishnu Sahsranaam
  • Sri Suktam
  • Durga Suktam
  • Malapakarshana Snanam
  • Bhagya Suktam
  • Vishnu Suktam
  • Narayana Upanishad
  • Sri. Soura Suktam

Allied Courses

In order to bring greater synergies between Learning Veda Mantra, SSVP encourage the students who wish to learn Sanskrit and Vedanga Jyotisha leveraging VLMS platform at your convenient times.


Please write the importance of learning Sanskrit here.

Prathamaa 3 -4 months Sree Surasaraswati Sabha, Sringeri
Dwiteeyaa 3 -4 months Sree Surasaraswati Sabha, Sringeri
Truteeyaa 3 -4 months Sree Surasaraswati Sabha, Sringeri
Prathamaa 12 Months Karnataka Samskrita University
Kaavya 24 Months Karnataka Samskrita University
Sahitya 24 Months Karnataka Samskrita University


Certificate course in Vedanga Jyothishya 6  months Sri Shankara Veda Patashale, Karnataka
Diploma in Vedanga Jyothishya 12  months Sri Shankara Veda Patashale, Karnataka
Advanced Diploma in Vedanga Jyothishya 18 months Sri Shankara Veda Patashale, Karnataka