Appreciations from Students

Mr. Sharath Kumar – CTO ( special projects), Reliance Jio – Karnataka

I hail from a traditional Brahmin family and my early childhood was in agrahara environment. My maternal grandfather was a school Headmaster and priest at the local Anjaneya temple. During our vacations, we used to get coffee and breakfast only after his daily pooja at around 9 am. I missed the discipline and the divine environment at my native place and was eternally longing to get back. After a long period of time, I got the wonderful opportunity, when I joined Sri Shankara Veda Patashale. Our Guru Sri. Harish is fully committed to the noble mission of spreading the Sanatana Vedic knowledge to interested people not only at two centers in Bangalore but also across the world. The environment here is very divine. People come from various backgrounds such as professionals, officials, students and retired people. The learning is at one’s own pace and time is flexible and at the convenience of the students.I have been attending the classes for 3 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly environment. I have observed positive changes in my mental peace and overall health. I also feel my memory capacity has improved and I eagerly look forward to every Thursday and Friday morning.

Best Regards 
Sharath Kumar
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Mr. Krishnaprasad – Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Offering Pooja to God by proper vedic means is very helpful to integrate the body, mind and soul. Veda patha helps us in this endeavor and hence should be learned by all irrespective of caste or Creed. The Vedas not only help us to offer prayers to Gods we believe in, but also has the upanishands which teach us to lead a right way of life and uphold the Hindu dharma. It is because of this that Hinduism is called a way of life and not a religion. Learning and developing a practice of chanting Vedas helps us to lead a prosperous and healthy life and also helps us imbibe and continue our ancient culture.

Best Regards
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Mr. Jayanth.T.P – Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am enumerating my interest in learning Veda Manrtas as under:

Vedas are the base of Hinduism. As a Brahmin and Hindu we must learn Vedas. Reciting Veda Mantras will improve memory power. Human brains have innumerable Neurons and many Neurons will not be utilized. If the Neurons are utilized, the brain will be active and brain function will be good and loss in memory can be avoided particularly in the old age persons. I am a retired employee. I prefer to learn Veda Mantra for utilizing time in worth full way rather than chit chatting unnecessarily or viewing unwanted TV serials. By learning Veda Mantra we can perform Puja properly by chanting mantas in day to day basis. By learning Veda Mantras we will be elated when we attend many rituals/ functions. Not but not the least, we are setting good example for our Children/ grand children so that they will also follow us in future.

Best Regards
Mr. Jayanth.T.P

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Dr. H. Chandrashekar – Former Coordinator and Professor of Statistics  Project Planning and Monitoring Cell Vice-Chancellor’s Office UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-560065

Why I am learning Veda- Pata?

Learning veda-pata in Guru-Shisha parampara enable to uphold Indian tradition, empower us to attain control over body and mind, make us inward looking to understand our own personality, besides helping to bring in efficiency in all our endeavors, thereby enhancing positive energy in us.

Best Regards
Dr. H. Chandrashekar

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